Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post Standard Refuses to consider prosecutor's misdeeds

From: madis senner [] Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 12:42 PMTo: Post Standard--Cc: Post Standard; Post Standard EditorSubject: Dhafir's Treatment & US Attorney's Scandal

Dear Marnie,

I was disappointed and shocked to hear from John Obrien that you found no merit in my claim that the local US Attorney’s office was a pawn for the Bush administration, driven to do whatever it took to win trophies in the war on terror and intimidate dissent. Let me ask you why was the St. Pats 4 chosen to be an example to criminalize dissent and charged with Federal conspiracy charges when catholic workers routinely pour blood during actions? Was it because Ithaca is under the Northern NY US Attorney’s jurisdiction? Is it coincidence that intimidation was similarly at work when Dr. Dhafir’s legal counsel was denied access to see Dr. Dhafir the day after his picture appeared in your paper? No pattern? No foul play?

I guess this all brings up old wounds. How am I supposed to react to this when just last year you wrote about the Dhafir El Hindi connection and then refused to do a follow-up on how the whole thing was a sham?

Just recently the Post Standard was given information on the secret and illegal prison program in Terre Haute that Dr. Dhafir was part of and the paper did nothing. A great scoop with a national and local angle; instead the Washington Post wrote the article.

Sadly, someone else will write the article on the Suddaby-Rove-Gonzales triad. And when they do it will reaffirm where many of us believe your interests lie.

God Bless,

Madis Senner