Monday, November 22, 2004

Post Standard Slants Articles Towards the Prosecutions Case

To the Editor:

I have been reading the Post Standards articles reporting on Dr.Dhafir's trial in Federal District Court and I have seen a consistent trend of slanting the articles towards the case for the prosecution. Unlike most people who read the Post articles, I have been attending the trial and have heard what has transpired.

The articles seem to mirror the case for the
prosecution, and minimize what is said or demonstratedby the defense as an "aside" comment. This is a great disservice to the community and to the principles offair and balanced reporting. The prosecution already had a distinct advantage in the case, since the considerable resources of the federal government and its numerous agencies have built its case with the taxpayer's dollar. This is in vivid contrast to the defendant who has limited resources and has beenhampered in making his defense since he has beendenied bail and not able to meet freely with his attorneys.

Fortunately, the case will be decided by the jury, not by the press or public opinion. This case will come to a conclusion, and there will be a verdict, right orwrong. It seems the doctor has already been painted as a criminal by most of the court reporting, and he, his family and his community will suffer because of this.

The article published on November 18th was a welcome exception.

Lorraine Mavins
Syracuse, NY